Why do you write UndeRated with one ‘r’? Is that a mistake?

Absolutely not! We believe that spelling Underrated with two ‘r’s is actually overrated, so we went for one. (Truth be told, Underrated was already taken by some other podcast, so we had to improvise …).

Why is Batman a regular guest on the podcast?

We aim at throwing light on the side of affairs that somehow ended up in the dark. Who could help us better understand what goes on in the shadows than someone who lives in them?

What ideas are represented in the podcast?

Our own! We do not speak on behalf of, nor do we represent any organisation, institution, individual or extraterrestrial being. Despite being fans of Westworld, we still believe in free will, consciousness and the self-determination of peoples. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of our guests express their own point of view when sitting down with us for recording. They are also offered a cheeky drink. #NoExcuses.

Where does you intro and outro music come from? Do you make it yourself?

We wish. Unfortunately, none of us is an accomplished musician, which is the reason why we went to Audiojungle and bought a proper music track. Now that you ask, though, we realise that Alex plays the cello, Harpa has a good singing voice and Victor… well, he’s gotta have a hidden talent, so we might start experimenting with some music of our own making.

I would love to be a guest in your podcast. Am I nuts?

You may be, but that is not really the point. We’d love to have you on board for an episode, too! Drop us an email telling us a bit about yourself in a funny, cheeky way, and let us know what you would like to talk about. We cannot promise we will be able to pencil you in, but we will certainly read your submission and get back to you.