The team

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VictorVictor Aguilar

Fluent in Westworld quotes and a fierce supporter of canapés, Victor holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration. His experience working in the private and international public sectors, has taught him that free coffee is equally bad in both. An uncanny Mexican with little love for avocado, Victor utterly enjoys bumping into karaoke bars, sharing bad puns and the sudden inspiration that comes to him when reading Junot Díaz on the tram. The Panda – to his dismay – is his spirit animal.

HarpaHarpa Arnarsdottir

Harpa loves all things old, which manifests in her love of raisin cookies and Humphrey Bogart. Given a time machine, she would definitely ride that thing back to the 1920s when music was still good. With a background in political science and public administration, this Icelandic girl is always contemplating how public policies could make the world a better place. Some would describe her as a naive leftist hippie, but she would describe herself as one with the force. Do or do not, there is no try.

AlexAlexander Roth

German by birth, but Latin American at heart, Alex has built a solid reputation as an experienced microeconomist and an enthusiastic tap dancer. His ability to apply theoretical knowledge to the real world makes him an excellent policy analyst and a fine cook, but terrible at gossiping. From playing the cello in Mannheim to learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, his main interests lie in energy policies and environmental economics. Never shy to host someone else’s party at his amazing terrace, El Compadre is always up for a run at the Flagey Ponds.

The executive producer

LisaLisa Vallese
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When you don’t come back to Italy, you bring Italy with you. A proud native of Bologna, Lisa’s awesome communication insights have made plenty of projects around Brussels better, punchier and cheekier: from small and medium-sized enterprises, networking events and commerce, to podcasting and giving friends a catchy nickname (beware!). Always ready to put up a fight in the name of ragú, she’s equally likely to make you discover Brussel’s most underrated spots. You can be sure of one thing: when Lisa’s around, you are in for a treat!