The podcast

logoUndeRated is the podcast that explores the overlooked side of things by asking the questions you would never make yourself.

At UndeRated we throw some light on the stuff that somehow ended up in the shade.

Feminism, lobbying, tequila, trust, Tinder. You know about them, right? Correct. But could there be a dark side to feminism? Is tequila really drunk with lemon and salt? Are one-night stands all there is to Tinder? Can vegetables lobby too? Is it better to be trustworthy or reliable?

Well, a hot tamale, a salty pretzel and a tangy fish certainly don’t have the answers to that, but this does not keep us from trying.

Sometimes we do it on our own, but every now and then we ask someone who knows better.

Take a sip of your favourite drink, tune in, look up UndeRated (yes, with one “r”) and enjoy our clumsy attempts to make sense of the stuff that everyone talks about but no one really knows in detail.

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